A Clean and Safe Environment

Ever been in a tattoo shop and wondered about hygiene? That’s not something you have to think about when you visit one of our Toronto shops. We place a high premium on providing a clean and sterile setting for our clients. We address everything from basic cleaning to ensuring that we use the highest quality equipment also. Trust that the team at Black Line Studio takes your care and your comfort seriously.

Supportive Staff

Some Toronto tattoo shops will hire anyone. We don’t do things that way. When you decide to come to us, you’re getting the top tier in customer support. That begins when you walk through the door. From a friendly greeting to discussing what you would like, our staff is trained to help. Whether you already have a design in mind or need help checking the designs we post on Instagram or have in the shop, tell us the name and we’ll find it for you. If you’re not interested in one of our designs, we’ll ensure you see a Toronto artist who can help the vision in your head become reality.

Experienced and Talented Artists

Just as we’re one of the Toronto tattoo shops that place emphasis on customer support, we also only have the best artists on hand. Whether you walk in on a whim or schedule an appointment, our team is happy to help you find something that’s just right. That includes customizing one of our Instagram designs or creating a sketch of a design that you have in mind. One way or the other, our Toronto artists will make sure the design becomes what you like before we get started.

Answers to Your Questions

Since it’s your first time with us for getting body art or jewelry, there’s bound to be questions. We’ll be happy to discuss all of those with you. From what area to choose for a piercing or tattoo to the type of jewelry that fits your lifestyle best, our team is ready to help. You can look all over Yonge Street to find more dedicated Toronto tattoo artists or piercing professionals, but it’s only at Black Line Studio where you will get the personalized attention that we offer.

Only The Best Jewelry

You’re read that selecting body jewelry can be difficult. We don’t think that’s true. It is important to know what type of jewelry is right for you. That includes choosing materials that will not irritate or lead to infections. Along with making sure your tattoo needs are met, we’ll help you make wise choices about your jewelry. You’ll find that our team is well-versed in just about any type of material used for all kinds of body jewelry.

And The Best Skin Care Products

After you get your tattoo or piercing in Toronto, we don’t consider the work done. We’ll go over how to care for the skin properly. To that end, our team provides suggestions for how to nourish the skin and prevent any type of irritation from developing. You’ll also find skin care products in our shops that are top of the line.

Don’t Forget Aftercare

Many Toronto tattoo shops are happy to provide piercings and tattoos, then leave customers to take things from there. We highly recommend aftercare and offer that type of support. It’s not just about skin products. We also help with things like new ink, adapting older tattoos if you like, checking the health of piercings, and in general making sure you always have the best support before, during, and after receiving one of our services. Check our Instagram account to learn more about what forms of care we provide to our clients.

Tattoo Masters


Xav has been a tattoo artist for 8 years. He studied plastic arts at the Faculty of Art and Design, at the Autonomous University of Mexico and specializes in black and gray realism and color.


Hector was born in Mexico City where he started his creative career. For many years he created his own designs from sketches. Hector has a 15 years of experience which making him tattoo master.

Tattoo Artists


Beto was born in the western part of Mexico, in the Guerrero area with a history dating back to 300 B.C

From the age of 16, Beto expressed his ideas and emotional voice through the form of tattooing yet his professional career didn’t start till much later after he graduated from the Art School in Mexico City.


Originally from Mexico City, Ismael has experience in graphic design and oil painting. His favourites styles are realism and full color. For now Ismael has more than 18 years of experience. He will be more than happy to make your vision come to life.