Tattoo Cover-Ups

Suffering From Tattoo Regret?

People change, and as they do “tattoo regret” can take over. Tattoo regret can happen over all kinds of tattoos. Maybe it’s the name of an ex or even just a poorly done tattoo, either way, this problem does have an awesome fix. Cover-ups!

Cover-ups are a fantastically creative way to breathe new life into old tattoos. Some people opt to simply remold an old design into a more updated/better version of the piece, while others prefer to completely block out any evidence of the old tattoo. If the regret is strong, people usually go with the second option. Of the two, it can also be the more challenging, which is why it’s advisable to go to an artist that you know has significant skill in this area. Black Line Studio are experts at Tattoo Cover-Ups and Tattoo Removal!

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Custom Tattoo

Your body is a canvas, and you can paint it with your own seperate stories via a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo reflects your very personality.

Flash Tattoo

Flash tattoos adorn the tattoo shop walls and are ready to be inked on your body. They generally help you dodge the hassle of custom tattoos.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removal is a procedure which is usually done by laser treatment,  microscopically shattering the tattoo. Even though there are other methods, laser treatment has minimal discomfort.