Tattoo Masters


Xav has been a tattoo artist for 8 years. He studied plastic arts at the Faculty of Art and Design, at the Autonomous University of Mexico and specializes in black and gray realism and color.


Hector was born in Mexico City where he started his creative career. For many years he created his own designs from sketches. Hector has a 15 years of experience which making him tattoo master.

Tattoo Artists


Beto was born in the western part of Mexico, in the Guerrero area with a history dating back to 300 B.C

From the age of 16, Beto expressed his ideas and emotional voice through the form of tattooing yet his professional career didn’t start till much later after he graduated from the Art School in Mexico City.


Originally from Mexico City, Ismael has experience in graphic design and oil painting. His favourites styles are realism and full color. For now Ismael has more than 18 years of experience. He will be more than happy to make your vision come to life.