Temporary Tattoos

Not Ready for a Permanent Tattoo?

Body Art

Transform yourself into a work of art!

Body art has been around for centuries as form of art and expression. From cultural events, parades, costume events, and music festivals to even supporting sports teams, protests or advertising – there are plenty of excuses to transform the human body into a work of art.

Using airbrushing, stencils or brush-work, Black Line Studio has highly experienced artists who specialize in the creation of unique designs and body art. They can replicate almost any design or logo, or create a completely customized piece for you.

Black Line Studio uses Paasche water-based body art airbrush paints to achieve any look. Just like temporary tattoos, the paint can last up to 5 days if desired, however, the paint can also be removed as soon as you like with exfoliation. Our Carbon Peel facial is a great way to get a thorough clean and remove any excess paint on the face and in your pores.

For more information on body art and body painting, contact Black Line Studio and speak to one of our artists today.

Air Brushed Tattoo

Want the look of a real tattoo without the permanence?

Airbrushed tattoos are the leader of the temporary tattoo world, offering the most realistic appearance for any temporary tattoo.

Generally lasting 3-5 days depending on location, activity and proper care, airbrushed tattoos are great for testing a permanent tattoo design on your body while you prepare for the commitment. Being able to see yourself with a tattoo before it actually happens will take away any fears or anxiety over the outcome and allow you step into the real tattoo world with ease.

Airbrush tattoos are also a fun and easy way to express your self on a daily basis. If you’re feeling adventurous with your body and would like to make a bold statement through body art for a weekend, if you’d like to do a creative photo-shoot, or even for someone in the film industry taking on a particular role, this form of tattoo is the most versatile way to change your appearance temporarily.

Airbrush tattoos are sprayed on with a water-based paint that sits on the surface of your skin – your skin will not be dyed. In order to get more information on airbrush tattoos, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our airbrush tattoo artists.

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Tattoo Cover-Ups

Say goodbye to old or unwanted tattoos with a cover-up tattoo that falls in sync with your last tattoo. This process replaces your old design with a new one.

Temporary Tattoo

As the name suggests, these tattoos last up to a couple of days or sometimes a week. Temporary tattoos are popular amongst kids at events like Halloween.

Custom Tattoo

Your body is a canvas, and you can paint it with your own seperate stories via a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo reflects your very personality.