Body Piercings (Ear, Mouth, Face Piercings and body)

Toronto’s Best Piercing

Black Line Studio is proud to be “Toronto’s Best Piercing, Best Tattoo Artist, and Best Tattoo Studio,” as nominated by NOW Magazine! Black Line Studio.

We offer one of the largest selections of body jewelry in Ontario in various nickel-free metals such as LVM surgical Steel, titanium, Bioplast and 14 karat yellow and white gold.

Our piercers are ranked number one in Toronto, come with a wealth of training and experience and take a custom approach to piercing by consulting each client through the process and working with them to determine the ideal jewelry style, size and placement for all piercings.

We work with single use needles to ensure an impeccably sterile and hygienic service and environment, exceeding the satisfaction of Toronto Public Health Guidelines. Because we use needles, the piercing process allows for the skin tissue to be pierced gently, without damaging the surrounding area. Whether piercing the ear, mouth, face of body, each procedure demonstrates our vigilant commitment to both safety and client satisfaction.

Get your ear, mouth, face or body piercing at Black Line Studio, Toronto with comfort and confidence, knowing that our method is the leading the industry standard.

"Contact Black Line Studio now to book your appointment for any piercing on the ear, mouth, face or body and get the best piercing in Toronto – we look forward to seeing you at the studio!"

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