Tattoo Apprentice

About Roman

Roman was born and raised in Russia where he was classically trained in music for 9 years. He moved to Canada in 2014 to pursue a better education and experience new cultures. Roman eventually decided to move to Toronto in 2016 to study at York University where he noticed a lot of students had badly done tattoos. After being tattooed by one of Russias most famous artists, Roman realized that he wanted to show people what quality tattoos they can get and decided to join the industry. Roman started his apprenticeship with Black Line Studio in March of 2019 and is growing his skill levels on a daily basis. He is eager and hard working, willing to learn and help his clients with clean work they will be happy to wear forever.

Recently Roman has shown some interest in calligraphy and would like to do free-hand lettering tattoos. His goal is to learn as much as possible and attract people from all over the world to visit Toronto so he can build an even stronger tattoo culture here.