Tattoo Master

About Raven

Recently having moved from Mexico City, Raven left behind her own successful tattoo studio to build new roots on Canadian soil. Her career began after studying digital illustration, professional drawing techniques, and 3-D animation at The Cube in Mexico City.

Raven became a tattoo artist through her passion for creating unique designs, her desire to continually try new things, and her long career working side-by-side with the famous Armando Romero in his contemporary Neo eclectic style of painting helped develop her abilities in detail and fine arts. Her eye for color, design and mixing traditional design with modern imagery are what set her apart from many tattoo artists.

Although her favorite style of tattooing includes things such as precious gems, floral designs, detailed and colorful animal work, Japanese style anime characters, and watercolor designs, her feminine nature doesn’t slow her creativity at all when it comes to architecturally inspired linear designs and neo-traditional pieces.

Raven is always looking to create custom pieces and offer the most unique tattoo to every individual.