Tatoo Artist

About Nicolas

Nicolas is 29 years old and was born in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. From a very young age, Nicolas enjoyed drawing. After years of practicing Nicolas decided to expand his abilities, learning a variety of skills that captivated his creative side like digital art, graffiti and even crafting.

Nicolas was introduced to the wonderful world of tattoos by his own tattoo artist and his outlook on art has never been the same. He immediately started a 2 year apprenticeship, eager to learn a wide variety of styles. Now, after immersing himself in the industry, he has been a professional tattoo artist for 6 years with no signs of slowing down.

Nicolas spent some years traveling around Argentina and Brazil, looking for his identity as an artist, gaining experience and inspiration. This journey has lead Nicolas to us in Canada where he is excited to continue along his creative path.

As a versatile artist, Nicolas enjoys taking on a wide variety of styles and challenges but his favourite is Neo-Traditional.

“Being a tattoo artist is not a job, it is my lifestyle. I live and breathe what I love doing” - Nicolas Morin