Tatoo Master

About Mark

Mark grew up in Rudabánya, Hungary – a very small mining town in the Northern regions of Hungary. With a population of less than 3000, work in his hometown was scarce, not to mention non-existent in the art and tattoo industry. Mark moved his family to Toronto 2 years ago with the idea of the “Canadian dream”, and turned his artistic talents into a career.

Mark’s artistic abilities were entirely self-taught through his life-long passion for drawing. His inspiration to become a tattoo artist and turn his hobby into a career:

“Miami Ink was my favorite show – I watched it every day. This was my inspiration to become a tattoo artist.”

Now having spent nearly 4 years as a professional artist, much of Mark’s inspiration comes from happy clients. He loves to draw, he loves to tattoo, and he loves coming up with fresh custom designs based on client’s ideas. Mark’s abilities are wide and constantly reaching. His pieces might fall under a Neotraditional or Traditional American style, but they always capture a hint of Realism as well. With the ability to do either black and grey or color tattoos, and having some of the most skillfully performed line work in Toronto, there isn’t a project that is too big or too small.