Tattoo Master

About Korel

Cesar Rivera AKA Korel, began to spray paint 1999 black books only, one year after went out and paint illegally by taging and bombing. Born and raised in Mexico City, he got influenced a lot by the Mexican old school people like Reak, Koka and Humo. In 2005 started painting legally trying to find a style that was clearly influenced by European graffiti writers. By 2007 living already in the US, 2wk crew was created doing several walls across the NYC, including the world-famous mecca of graffiti 5 ptz that lead to the documentary “American Graffiti filmed by the New York City’s NYFA.

In the summer of 2012, Korel meets “Kobra”, Brazil’s most famous graffiti muralist, and collaborates with two other people to paint the famous NYC’ mural right on 25th st and 10th ave, Chelsea that becomes one of the NYC attractions for tourist in the famous high line. Later in the same year, Korel participates on the “Graffiti Hall of Fame in New York City painting alongside with some of the old school graffiti writers.