Tattoo Artist

About Aruna

Aruna’s background is Ecuadorian and Canadian. She was inspired by her father who worked in construction and made it her main goal during her high school years to become an architect. During those years she realized that her artistic style was very similar to tattoo art that she was familiar with, mainly her line work and mandala art. Aruna got her very first tattoo, a script in typewriter font that said “CREATE”. From that point on she had a driving force to learn everything she could about the world of tattoo art and create for as long as possible.

For Aruna, tattoos and the culture that come with it is exciting and absurd and she loves everything it has to offer. Her passion and desire to learn from other artists keeps her driven. It is important to Aruna that her clients have an experience while getting their tattoos and that they always leave happy with their new art.

I love that my art will live with those who want to express themselves in unconventional ways, as I’m an unconventional person. The spark in my heart is growing with every drop of ink” - Aruna Urquhart