Tattoo Master

About Aruna

Born in Canada, Ecuadorian and Canadian. Studied in high school with the goal of becoming an architect, as my dad is in construction. Grew up in Barrie but always loved the speed of the city. I realized my style of art looked a lot like tattoos when I started to focus heavily on linework and mandalas. My friends have asked me to design them tattoos but I could never tattoo them before. I got my first tattoo and it said ‘CREATE’ in my typewriters font and since that day I wanted to know everything I could about this new world. I moved to Toronto by myself and went to OCAD University for 2 years where I studied fine arts. Leaving the program early was the best decision I’ve made, as I was able to jump straight into an apprenticeship with Black Line Studio and just get straight on track with my career and passion.

I want my art to live with those who want to express themselves in unconventional ways. Tattoos and the culture that comes with it is exciting and absurd and I love everything it has to offer. I continue to learn from other artists and soak in as possible so that I can master every technique and style that’s come across my table. The spark in my heart is growing with every drop of ink – big or small!