Airbrushed Tattoos

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Not Ready for a Permanent Tattoo?

Want the look of a real tattoo without the permanence?

Airbrushed tattoos are the leader of the temporary tattoo world, offering the most realistic appearance for any temporary tattoo.

Generally lasting 3-5 days depending on location, activity and proper care, airbrushed tattoos are great for testing a permanent tattoo design on your body while you prepare for the commitment. Being able to see yourself with a tattoo before it actually happens will take away any fears or anxiety over the outcome and allow you step into the real tattoo world with ease.

Airbrush tattoos are also a fun and easy way to express your self on a daily basis. If you’re feeling adventurous with your body and would like to make a bold statement through body art for a weekend, if you’d like to do a creative photo-shoot, or even for someone in the film industry taking on a particular role, this form of tattoo is the most versatile way to change your appearance temporarily.

Airbrush tattoos are sprayed on with a water-based paint that sits on the surface of your skin – your skin will not be dyed. In order to get more information on airbrush tattoos, feel free to contact us and speak to one of our airbrush tattoo artists.