Tragus Piercing



The tragus is a part of the outer ear that extends from the cheeks and protects and covers the ear canal. Its shape and size vary from person to person - some individuals have a small flap of tragus just big enough to support a single earring, while others just have a more pronounced tragus.

When piercing your tragus, you will start with a stud even if you plan on eventually switching to a hoop, as hoops tend to move often, interrupting the healing process. It’s recommended to start with a stud and return to your piercer after 3 or 4 months to determine if the tragus has healed enough to upgrade to hoops.

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Piercing Location To achieve a tragus piercing, the thick oval shaped cartilage flap, right outside the ear canal is carefully perforated.

Jewelry Options Your piercer will guide you through the exciting process of selecting your favourite piece of jewelry. Tragus piercing jewelry style options include: captive bead rings and studs. Black Line Studio does not advise removal of jewelry for at least 6 to 8 weeks post your piercing service. Whether before or after the piercing is completely healed, when it comes to changing the jewelry, we recommend that you consult with your piercer.


Aftercare When following Black Line Studio’s after care protocol, the healing time for a tragus piercing is typically 6 to 8 months.

Proper aftercare protocol is critical to ensure the healing process is seamless. Avoid touching your piercing unless you are cleaning it. You should clean your piercing twice or thrice daily with water, unscented soaps, or sterile saline solutions for two to three months. This prevents your new earring from contracting infections which ruins the joy that comes with new piercings.

It’s advisable to lather the soap onto your hands and gently massage it onto the tragus piercing. Ensure the jewellery is stationary as you move soap around it - this prevents any additional pressure or trauma that can prolong the healing. After moving the suds in and out gently, rinse with clean water.

Additionally, do not sleep on your tragus piercing for several months after getting it; you can use travel pillows during this period to avoid unnecessary pressure on your jewellery. In the first few weeks after piercing, you may notice redness, sensitivity around the area, and warmth around the area.

Once you get your tragus piercing, don't use alcohol-based cleaners, powders, creams, or scented lotions that contain chemical ingredients, and avoid removing or being too rough with the new jewellery for the first couple of months.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tragus ear piercings have gained recent popularity with social media influencers and other celebrities showcasing their elaborate ear jewellery. An experienced piercer should do perform the procedure, which will vary depending on local policies where you get your piercing.

The typical steps your tragus piercing process will take include:

  1. The expert confirms your age, most likely from your ID. If tragus piercings are allowed for minors in your area, they must be accompanied by a parent.
  2. You sign a form where you consent to the piercing.
  3. The piercer discusses jewellery choices with you and how to care for your piercing afterwards.
  4. The piercer then cleans your tragus and marks where the piercing will be done.
  5. The actual piercing is complete in about 1 – 2 seconds. The jewellery is inserted, and the piercing process is complete!

Pro piercers usually use sterile tools, including single-use sterile needles for piercing. The piercing process takes about 30 – 45 minutes, and the cost varies depending on your location and the type of jewellery you pick. However, titanium or steel options tend to be cheaper than platinum or gold.

Tragus piercing is usually done with a small gauge hollow needle, either curved or straight, depending on the piercer’s preferences. There are three significant types of tragus piercings – make sure to check them out and choose the one you’re comfortable with:

  1. Vertical tragus piercing – also known as a surface tragus piercing, this option does not pass through the tragus. Instead, barbells are used to pierce the skin vertically just in front of your tragus.
  2. Standard tragus piercing – this piercing passes from the front to the back of the tragus above the ear canal opening.
  3. Double tragus piercing – just like the standard piercing, but features two perforations.

Tragus piercing pain will typically take a few months to completely heal. Although cartilage is widely known to vary in its healing periods, most tragus piercings take 6 - 8 months. However, some people may take up to a whole year to fully heal, so it's essential to keep in touch with your piercer.

Newly pierced individuals are not advised to use headphones, since they might apply extra pressure on your piercing, resulting in irritation.

The inside of a tragus piercing takes longer to heal; even when the exterior seems completely healed, the inside might still have some healing left to do. It's recommended to keep the stud in for an entire year before switching it with hoops. When the tragus piercing is fully healed, you can easily remove your jewellery for long periods of time.