Tattoo Cover-Ups

Suffering From Tattoo Regret?

People change, and as they do “tattoo regret” can take over. Tattoo regret can happen over all kinds of tattoos. Maybe it’s the name of an ex or even just a poorly done tattoo, either way, this problem does have an awesome fix. Cover-ups!

Cover-ups are a fantastically creative way to breathe new life into old tattoos. Some people opt to simply remold an old design into a more updated/better version of the piece, while others prefer to completely block out any evidence of the old tattoo. If the regret is strong, people usually go with the second option. Of the two, it can also be the more challenging, which is why it’s advisable to go to an artist that you know has significant skill in this area. Blackline Studio are experts at Tattoo Cover-Ups and Tattoo Removal!


Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to cover up a tattoo is with a professional tattoo cover-up. This involves having a tattoo artist cover the existing tattoo with a new design that is darker and larger than the existing one. The new design should also be chosen to complement the shape and colour of the original tattoo.

In most cases, tattoos can be covered up with a new tattoo. Depending on the size, shape, and colour of the original tattoo, a skilled tattoo artist can often create a new tattoo that completely covers the old one.

The cost of a tattoo cover-up varies depending on its size and complexity. Generally, cover-up tattoos range from $50 - $500, with larger or more intricate cover-ups costing more.

Cover-up tattoos can be more painful than regular tattoos, since the artist must go over the same area multiple times to cover up the old tattoo.

Aside from investing in a cover-up tattoo, the best way to cover an old tattoo is with concealer or special tattoo cover-up makeup. Make sure to use a product specifically designed for covering tattoos, as regular concealer may not provide enough coverage.