Snug Piercing



Are you considering getting a new snug piercing in Toronto? Get your snug piercing at Black Line Studio, Toronto with comfort and confidence, knowing that Black Line Studio piercers are ranked number one in Toronto. We pride ourselves on being nominated as “Toronto’s Best Tattoo Artist, Best Piercing Studio, and Best Tattoo Studio” by NOW Magazine!

We provide an impeccably sterile, hygienic service and environment, in excess of Toronto Public Health Standards and Guidelines. Our piercing professionals come with a wealth of training and experience which allows customers to achieve the look they desire with ease and excitement. Black Line Studio looks forward to giving you the best snug piercing service and result in Toronto!

Piercing Location A snug piercing is achieved by perforating the ear’s cartilage through the antihelix or anti helical fold, located on the ridge between the inner and outer parts of the ear. The location of the piercing will vary due to the individual shapes of each person’s ear.

Jewelry Options – Your piercer will guide you through the exciting process of selecting your favourite piece of jewelry. A curved barbell is the jewelry style used for snug piercings. Black Line Studio does not advise removal of jewelry for at least 8 to 12 weeks post your piercing service. Whether before or after the piercing is completely healed, when it comes to changing the jewelry, we recommend that you consult with your piercer

Aftercare When following Black Line Studio’s after care protocol, the healing time for a snug piercing is typically 8 to 12 months.

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