Snakebite Piercing



When it comes to making an impression, the snakebite piercing is one of the best ways to make a statement in style. Sitting just below the bottom lip, this piercing consists of two small pieces of jewellery on either side of the mouth, coming together to resemble the striking image of the fangs of a snake. Snakebite piercings are one of the most attention-grabbing kinds of piercings you can get, often associated with a “punk” aesthetic or an avant-garde sense of fashion and style.

There are a variety of different types of piercings you can get to complete your snakebite look, most commonly, matching rings, horseshoes, or labret studs. Snakebite piercings follow a fairly simple process: a needle is used to pierce the lip from the outside of the mouth, after which, your jewelry of choice is inserted into your new piercing location. This process is not particularly painful, although the swelling that occurs during the healing process may cause some discomfort.

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Piercing Location A snakebite piercing is achieved by placing two piercings, spread equally apart, just below the left and right of the bottom lip, giving the look of a snakebite. While jewelry options are interchangeable based on your specific style, the location of matching spots to the left and right below the bottom lip is what defines this distinct piercing.

Jewelry Options – Your piercer will guide you through the exciting process of selecting your favourite piece of jewelry. Snakebite piercing jewelry style options include: labret studs, horseshoe or captive bead rings. Black Line Studio does not advise removal of jewelry for at least 4 to 6 weeks post your piercing service. Whether before or after the piercing is completely healed, when it comes to changing the jewelry, we recommend that you consult with your piercer

Aftercare When following Black Line Studio’s after care protocol, the healing time for a snakebite piercing is typically 4 to 6 months. However, as with all other piercings, this time ultimately depends on how well your body adjusts to your new piercing, as well as how diligently you follow the aftercare process.

The most important aftercare process to follow after getting your snakebite piercing is to remember to keep it clean using sterile salt water a minimum of two times a day, taking care to make sure you avoid harsh chemicals or other substances in your mouth during the healing process, such as mouthwash or certain types of toothpaste, as these can act as irritants and disrupt or extend healing time. It’s also equally important to remember to stay properly hydrated and get enough sleep during the healing process, as both of these factors can play a significant role in how smoothly the aftercare process is able to follow its course.

In addition to keeping your snakebite piercing clean and healthy, it’s a smart idea to leave your piercings alone while they heal, allowing them to settle into your skin without unnecessary disruptions, movement, or trauma to the area. Excessive contact with your new piercing while it is still fresh can cause pain, swelling, or even infection. An ice pack can be a good tool to help minimize pain and swelling without causing any major disruption to the piercing site.

Lastly, keep in mind that while your piercing is healing, the best course of action is to avoid sleeping on it or putting any additional pressure on it, as well as generally taking care to keep it elevated. It is also imperative that you refrain from activities such as drinking, smoking, or even eating particularly spicy foods over the course of the healing process to give your piercing the best chance at healing smoothly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Snakebite piercings follow the same general rule as all other facial piercings, which is that if your piercing is left without any jewellery inserted for an extensive amount of time, it may close up, leaving a small area of scarring where the piercing was. Scarring can also occur as a result of an infection during the healing process.

Eating with snakebite piercings should feel no different than without them, with the exception of the time during the aftercare process, when it is important to stick to soft foods and avoid any harsh or spicy ingredients that may irritate the piercing site.

Snakebite piercings get their name from the visual effect they create on the face resembling the fangs of a snake, as they are located on both sides of the bottom lip, similar to fangs.