Lip Piercing



The lip piercing is one of the world’s oldest and most diverse types of piercings, with dozens of options to choose from when it comes to placement or jewelry design. As a general rule, lip piercings are piercings that are performed on either the upper or lower lip (or both), either as individual piercings or in pairs.

Lip piercings come in a variety of placement options, and are entirely dependent on your personal style and the look you’re trying to achieve. From the classic Monroe piercing on the side of the mouth to the more daring snakebites below the bottom lip, lip piercings offer a wide range of possibilities to enhance your aesthetic, no matter what it may be.

Lip piercings can be carried out individually or combined with others in order to develop a more cohesive sense of style.

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Piercing Location To achieve a lip piercing, the lip is carefully perforated, either right in the centre or off centre to the left or right of the lip.

There are many options for lip piercings including medusa, labret, snake bites and viper bites. You may also opt for getting multiple types of lip piercings at once in order to enhance your look or make a bolder statement. The options are endless, and ultimately up to what you’re looking for.

Jewelry Options Your piercer will guide you through the exciting process of selecting your favourite piece of jewelry. Lip piercing jewelry style options include: captive bead rings, horseshoe and labret studs. Black Line Studio does not advise removal of jewelry for at least 4 to 6 weeks post your piercing service. Whether before or after the piercing is completely healed, when it comes to changing the jewelry, we recommend that you consult with your piercer

Aftercare – When following Black Line Studio’s after care protocol, the healing time for a lip piercing is typically 3 to 4 months. However, as with all other types of piercings and body modification, this timeline can vary from person to person, and depends largely on your body’s natural response to the piercing, the type of piercing you get, and how well you care for your new piercing.

As a general rule, lip piercings are not overly painful, and the pain experienced during your appointment tends to last a short while, going away soon after the process. However, it is still crucial to follow the aftercare process diligently, as insufficient care and cleaning may lead to infection or tissue damage down the road.

Lip piercings are also prone to swelling and some discomfort over the first few days after your appointment, but these effects should go away several days after getting your piercing.

It’s important to make sure that you keep your new piercing clean and sterile while it heals in order to prevent infection and allow for optimal healing, speeding up your recovery time and resulting in an easier healing period. Use alcohol-free mouthwash or salt water to rinse your mouth at least three times a day to keep your piercing clean, as well as a sterile solution to clean the outside of your mouth. Avoid eating spicy or otherwise harsh foods, and brush your teeth after every meal to keep your lip piercing as clean as possible.

Lastly, make sure to avoid activities such as smoking or drinking alcohol excessively while your lip piercing heals, as these can impact your healing process, or even introduce infection to your new piercing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lip piercings are generally not too painful, although their level of pain depends on type and location, as some lip piercings can be more painful than others. Typically, lip piercings will feel like a brief pinch in the tissue of the lip, and the pain will subside soon after your appointment.

Lip piercings are available in a wide variety of styles and locations, and each has its own appeal and benefits. However, the most popular type of lip piercing in the current world of fashion is the labret stud, which sits along the side of the bottom lip as a hoop or ball, spike, or figure.