Daith Piercing

Interested in a Daith Piercing? Things You Should Know!


You’re a person with discriminating taste and like the idea of piercings that help to display that good taste. Have you considered the idea of a daith piercing. This can be a great stand-alone solution or one that you pair with other types of ear piercings.

You may have some questions. Just what is a daith piercing and why would I want one? What would look nice to wear with it? Is it any more difficult to care for than other ear piercings? Here are some basics that will help you decide if this is something you want to consider. If the answer is yes, contact us today and let’s get started.

What’s a Daith?

A good place to begin is understanding where the daith is located. It’s located just above the ear hole. The somewhat arced fold that you see over the ear hole is referred to by this name.

While you may have thought only of ear piercings that are along the helix or the lobe, this is a site that more people are finding to be perfect for some sort of ornamentation. Whether you already have some piercings or are considering your first one, a new daith piercing is worth investigating further.

So a Daith Piercing Is...

Now that you know the daith’s location, it’s not hard to guess what a daith piercing happens to be. It’s a tiny piercing that’s made in the cartilage just above the ear hole. Like other ear piercings, you can choose the exact location on the daith, although one of our experts will likely have some recommendations.

Do take those suggestions seriously. The expert makes them based on more than appearance. The suggestions also include consideration of keeping the piercing daith clean and minimizing the potential for some sort of infection.

Who’s Likely to Be Interested in Daith Piercing?

A daith ear piercing can appeal to a wide range of people. It’s discreet enough to add a little something extra when the hair does not cover the upper portion of the ear. The fact that it’s less common than lobe piercings also adds some novelty.

That said, it’s a great choice for people from all walks of life. Working class individuals are likely to find it appealing. Professionals who wear business attire to work may find that the more subtle appearance fits in with dress codes. Age is no real barrier to getting this type of piercing. Adults from their twenties to their eighties may be interested. Even teenagers may like this option, assuming their parents or guardians are open to the idea.

One or More Piercings?

Which ear should you use for the daith piercing? It’s really up to you. The days when choosing the right over the left ear are over, since they no longer hold any particular significance to the general public. Conventional wisdom may dictate that you go with the side that tends to be more dominant. In other words, if you’re right-handed, get the piercing in the right ear.

You could also go with a double daith piercing. Forget the angst of choosing an ear and get one for each. You may also want to pair a daith and tragus piercing in order to create a certain look. Talk with one of our experts and you’ll get several ideas for multiple piercings.

What Kind of Jewellery Piercings Will Work?

Many people prefer jewellery that’s somewhat petite while still filling in the area nicely. Usually, you want something that remains on the daith proper and doesn’t dangle over the ear hole. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices.

Take a look at a heart daith piercing and see what you think. A clicker daith piercing might appeal to your senses. A small daith piercing hoop might be just the touch you want. Don’t overlook the idea of a double helix and daith piercing. Ask one of our experts for some hypoallergenic recommendations.

Preparing For Your Daith Piercings

As with any type of piercing, it pays to clean the area thoroughly before showing up at the shop. Soap and water will work fine. Make sure the daith and the ear in general is perfectly dry when you step outside your door.

You can depend on the professional to also swab the daith with alcohol and something to slightly numb the area. That helps to further ensure that any bacteria from your hair or that you encountered while en route to the shop is removed before the clear daith piercing begins.

Are Daith Piercings More Painful Than Other Piercings?

You’re likely wondering about the amount of daith piercing pain to expect. In general, piercing the daith is more uncomfortable than piercing other parts of the ear. That’s due to the thickness of the daith and the nerve endings in the area. The fact that it usually takes around six to nine seconds to complete the piercing also contributes to the discomfort.

Preparing for Your Care After the Piercing

Overall, expect the daith piercing healing process to take a minimum of six months. Some people take longer, up to eleven months. That doesn’t mean that there’s constant pain; what it does mean is that you want to be mindful of your personal hygiene during this period.

Daith piercing cleaning is a must. Consider the amount of bacteria that may collect around the piercing. It can come from your hair, from the phone you hold up to your ear, and even from the hat or cap you may wear from time to time. That doesn’t even allow for bacteria that may collect on the daith when you’re outside on a windy day.

We recommend an Antibacterial Skin Cleanser such as Trisan for these piercings. Thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning. Apply the cleanser to a cotton swab and gently clean both sides of the piercing. Rinse thoroughly. Apply gently on each side of the piercing a medical grade saline lotion like Dr. Piercing. For your convenience, you can consult one of our professional piercers in person or via email and you can purchase all recommended aftercare products at Black Line Studio or at https://blacklinestudio.myshopify.com

Be sure to avoid:

  • Soaking your piercing (baths, swimming etc)
  • Chlorinated water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol
  • Oil-based ointments
  • Frequent contact with unwashed hands
  • Covering your piercing (bandaids, ointments)

Do you find the idea of a daith piercing intriguing? Call or stop by today. Our team will show you some examples as well as some jewellery that might appeal to you. If you’re ready to move forward with the piercing, trust that our team will ensure it’s done professionally and in a sterile environment.