Conch Piercing

Conch Piercings: Everything That You Want to Know


You’ve been looking at some piercing ideas and the concept of a conch piercing has a lot of appeal. You may already have one or more ear piercings, possibly in the lobes. This would be a way to add a little ornamentation and make more of a statement. Before you have anything done, it’s a good idea to learn a little more about this approach. Here are some of the basics that will help.

What is a Conch Piercing?

Conch refers to the inner cup of the ear as opposed to the lobes or the cartilage on the upper part of the ear. One of the reasons for the fanciful name is that part of the ear tends to look a bit like a conch shell. The piercing can be placed closer to the outer area of the cup or more toward the centre. Since the cartilage in the cup is somewhat tougher than the other areas of the ear, consider the placement carefully.

What Sort of Jewellery Can Be Used?

There are all sorts of options when it comes to jewellery for your piercing. One of the most popular is the conch piercing hoop. This is most often seen on people who opt for a piercing that’s more along the outer area of the conch.

Studs are also a popular choice. These work well if you’re going with a piercing that’s more along the centre of the cup. The stud can go all the way through or be a simple one that can only be seen from one side.

A professional will have several other options that you can consider. Before having the conch ear piercing, take a look at the design options as well as the materials used. The type of jewellery you like best could influence whether the piercing is done close to the cup rim or more toward the centre. Technically, you can choose any type of hypoallergenic piercing jewellery in surgical steel, titanium, BioPlast or gold that suits your taste

Types of Conch Ear Piercings

You do have several options when it comes to the piercings. Some have to do with the number of piercings while others focus more on placement. An expert will go over each of the following with you.

An outer conch piercing is considered something of a classic. It can serve the same purpose lobe piercings and be a versatile approach to body ornamentation. You may find that hoops work particularly well. Even if you already have love piercings, using the same type of hoops for both can create an elegant and still dramatic effect.

There’s no rule that says you have to go with a single piercing. Do consider the idea of a

double conch piercing, especially around the outer part of the cup. You may even like the idea of a triple piercing that provides more ornamentation along the outer rim.

An inner conch piercing can be a fun place to use some sort of stud. Feel free to have some studs that are dressier while others are more casual. That makes it all the easier to change out the stud when you decide to go with different types of earrings.

You may find that the look of an orbital conch piercing is to your taste. This type is usually placed a little closer to the lobe while still being on the outer part of the conch. It requires two rather than a single piercing. In terms of jewellery, it’s usually some type of perpendicular loop that includes a charm that moves slightly back and forth.

How to Prepare for a Conch Piercing

Many of the same precautions apply to a conch helix piercing that would apply to any type of piercing. You do want to avoid medications and over the counter products that tend to thin the blood for a few days before receiving the piercing. While a professional will be able to manage the piercing with a minimum of bleeding, it’s a good idea to make sure you don’t complicate things.

Alcohol is not your friend if you plan on getting any type of piercing. Along with not doing anything to ease any discomfort you feel, it can also thin the blood. Save the celebrations for a few days after the piercing.

Something on your stomach is a good idea. It will help keep your blood sugar within a reasonable range and reduce the risk of feeling dizzy or fainting during the piercing. Remember to take along a light snack to enjoy once the piercing is complete, since that helps to kill any sensation of feeling weak or slightly disoriented.

Will There Be Any Discomfort?

When you go to a professional for your conch piercing Toronto, the odds of experiencing a lot of pain are much lower. That’s because a pro knows how to prepare the area before initiating any action. You may still feel the needle when it goes in, but it should be no more painful than receiving a shot.

Keep in mind that the shop you choose does matter. Go with one that’s known for stringent quality control, fully trained personnel, and for offering a clean environment. If you look for a shop that’s known to be among the best in the GTA, all these qualities should be present. The result is that your conch tragus piercing is more likely to go off without a hitch.

Tips for Care Once You Receive the Piercing

If you experience any swelling please contact us for recommendations that will suit your needs.

We recommend an Antibacterial Skin Cleanser such as Trisan for these piercings. Thoroughly wash your hands before cleaning. Apply the cleanser to a cotton swab and gently clean both sides of the piercing. Rinse thoroughly. Apply gently on each side of the piercing a medical grade saline lotion like Dr. Piercing. For your convenience, you can consult one of our professional piercers in person or via email and you can purchase all recommended aftercare products at Black Line Studio or at Our Store.

Be sure to avoid:

  • Soaking your piercing (baths, swimming etc)
  • Chlorinated water
  • Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol
  • Oil-based ointments
  • Frequent contact with unwashed hands
  • Covering your piercing (bandaids, ointments)

Going Back for More

Many people who get single conch piercings eventually go back for multiple conch piercings. Since you already know the conch piercing prix of a single, the cost associated with more piercings won’t be jarring. Rest assured the expert will work with you to determine the best placement as well as provide suggestions for additional jewellery.

Call or visit us today if you’d like to know more about conch piercings and determine if this is something you’d like to pursue. Our team is always happy to answer and questions and ensure customers know all they want to know before any piercing work is done.