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Gallery & Event Space Toronto

More than your traditional tattoo shop, Black Line Studio is also a functioning art studio and gallery space. At Black Line Studio, art is a major factor in everything we do, combining various forms of visual art from tattoos to acrylic painting.

When you walk in the doors of Black Line Studio creative energy is all around. To promote our passion for art we collaborate with local and international artists, displaying artwork in many forms all available for purchase at our studios.

Richard Wang

*Current Exhibitor

Richard was born in Canada to parents who are also fine artists. He took an interest in the visual arts at an early age, and decided to turn his focus to Realism and all its offshoots.

Richard draws great inspiration from philosophy of mind and the nature of perception. He seeks to saddle the border between Impressionism and Photorealism, juxtaposing colour and value in a chaotic, yet oddly ordered configuration.


Born and raised in the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a small town in Russia where most residing are either sailors or doing military service. Suren began to draw from a very early age and eventually developed a great passion for street art and murals, helping him grow artistically in new ways. Later in life Suren became acquainted with surrealism and artists of the golden age driving his passion for art even further.

Now, Suren is a master tattoo artist and painter. His major creative inspirations are women, love; committed in its various forms and music.


Joey DAMMIT! is a mixed media pop artist, inspired by the darker side of the cult of celebrity. With a background in advertising he has parlayed his love-hate relationship with mass media into great success, becoming one of Canada's premier pop artists.

DAMMIT! was born in Madeira, Portugal and immigrated to Toronto at the age of four. DAMMIT! experiments with a style he calls “Manic Montage”, a mixed media collage and paint work influenced by Any Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, David Fincher’s film SE7EN and Trent Reznor’s work on Natural Born Killers.

Be it paint, Crayons, photocopies, street posters, textile, steel and wood, if he could glue, tape, staple, screw or nail it onto a canvas, then DAMMIT! it must be art!


Jessica Gorliky is a mainstay in Toronto’s trendy art scene. Her urban chic style and live, colourful creations have resonated with city socialites and hipsters for the past decade. They’ve brought her art to the walls of fashionable restaurants, the runways of retail powerhouses, and the spotlight of some of the most publicized events of the year.

Jessica is not just an artist, she is a bundle of creativity, bursting with innovative ideas to express her zest for life. It was only a matter of time before Jessica turned art into a spectacle.