Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewelry

Jewellery has long been used for body adornment—dating back to the days before written history even began. While we no longer use the scraps of fabric and carved animal bones which once decorated the necks and wrists of early man, we haven’t gotten away from the practice of adding a little gleam and glam to our daily ensembles through the use of styled jewellery.

Jewellery is a personalized accessory. Not everyone likes the same styles. Not everyone enjoys the same materials or colours. Realizing this, Black Line Studio wanted to offer the best of the best in a wide array of styles, brands, and looks.

As we wanted to ensure there was something for everyone, Toronto’s number one tattoo, piercing, and removal studio is now offering several exciting brands of high-end jewellery.

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Launched in 1995, Pyrrha offers beautiful jewellery pieces crafted in the methods of the old-world jewellers. Authentic talismans, Pyrrha’s line of accessories are created from quality materials and fine craftsmanship. These stunning pieces are made from sterling silver, bronze, 14k gold, and conflict-free stones and feature authentic wax seals and imagery from the Victorian Era.

Samples of this company’s work has been seen in many television and movie productions such as Game of Thrones, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Into the Forest, Once Upon a Time, Star Trek: Beyond, and iZombie.

Monserat De Lucca

Now an internationally recognized brand, Monserat De Lucca had humble beginnings. Launching from a small studio in Los Angeles, the company has made headlines for its creative and eclectic designs. This brand features spectacular, out of the box elements—such as raven skulls, puzzle pieces, origami cranes, and teeth—displayed in an elegant, classy manner.

Van Der Hout Jewellery at Black Line Studio

Karen Van Der Hout has earned her stripes in fine jewelry as a second generation industry veteran. In creating Van Der Hout Jewelry, Karen is excited to offer beautiful and affordable gold and diamond pieces to the community. Karen has an incredible eye for curating collections of modern pieces and she is heavily immersed in every aspect of product development and design.

Van Der Hout Jewelry was founded with three key principles in mind: attention to detail, excellence in craftsmanship and authenticity. With exclusive sourcing, a refined vision, and firm connections in the heart of Manhattan's 47th St. diamond district, Karen Van Der Hout is able to offer genuine value in each unique jewelry piece. Her chic selection of rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces are coveted by international trendsetters and classic fashionistas alike.