Environ Skin Care

Introducing Environ: High-Quality Skin Care Comes to Black Line Studio

Black Line Studio has been taking strides to become the ultimate body art studio in the Toronto area. Wanting to ensure our clients truly feel beautiful in their own skin, we are proud to announce we have added Environ Skin Care products to our line of body art, restoration, and health services we offer.

Environ is unlike any other product on the market. Created by Dr. Des Fernandes, Environ was designed to correct the perceptible effects of a habitual deficiency of Vitamin A. This is a common affliction which everyone suffers from in exposed areas of their skin and is actually responsible for a large amount of the skin problems generally attributed to aging and sun damage.

Targeting the deficiency, Environ products are formulated to replenish the crucial nutrients lost due to sun exposure and other environmental factors. These incredible products moisturize the skin while simultaneously combating and reducing any lasting effects of the harsh environmental elements which can wreak havoc on your exposed skin—such as pollution, increasing radiation from the sun, and grueling chemicals in your makeups, lotions, and soaps. Other contributing factors include stress and poor diets.

Environ combines these necessities to create a product line which not only visibly enhances the appearance of your skin but helps to protect it against further damage. All Environ products are crafted from a blending of Vitamins A, C, and E, Antioxidants, Peptides, Sunscreens, Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids, and several other key ingredients.

It isn’t just the ingredients and the target goal of Environ that makes it stand apart. To be inclusive to all, the products do not contain any added preservatives or perfumes. It is also one of the few skincare companies which own and operates its very own sterile manufacturing plant—ensuring it meets and exceeds the highest of manufacturing standards.

In addition to upholding the maximum levels of manufacturing standards, Environ products are scientifically tested by a third party to ensure continuity—each batch is verified by an accredited independent laboratory which checks the chemical content and sterility of each product. These impeccable standards have earned Environ the Swiss Institute logo. This logo is awarded to products which have been verified as containing the vitamin strength depicted on the package.

Each package is specifically designed to protect the contents from light, air, and other contaminants.

At Black Line Studio, we believe that Environ’s concepts fit well with our current services and are excited to offer this product to our clients full-time, in both locations.

Make sure to ask about Environ and what it can do for you at your next appointment.

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