Born in Mexico City and with two universities degrees under his belt, Hector is not your typical tattoo artist. After pursuing his first passion, he graduated in 1999 from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a degree in plastic arts. Yet, his heart earned for more and after another 6 years, in 2006 he finished with honors the Metropolitan Autonomous University with another degree, this time in Architecture design. 


It was during these times that Hector’s true calling came to light. With the help of his friends, he learned all the techniques applicable to tattooing. 


Today you can find both of his first passions in his favorite style of tattooing: neotraditional. He incorporates the linear architectural styles with classical tattoo motifs such as animals and flowers resulting in modern yet intricate designs followed by the sense of movement, color and artistry he learned in plastic arts.








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Beto was born in the western part of Mexico, in the Guerrero area with a history dating back to 300 B.C

From the age of 16, Beto expressed his ideas and emotional voice through the form of tattooing yet his professional career didn’t start till much later after he graduated from the Art School in Mexico City.