Top 3 Piercings to Get Before Summer

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Septum piercing with multicolored opal ring by Kaleb.
Done at Black Line Studio

At last! Summer is here! All this sunshine has probably got you thinking about your next piercing—and if you weren’t before, you probably are now. This year, there are a few trends we’ve noticed popping up in the body mod department. Step up your fashion game this summer and get one (or all three ...

Piercings - Will My Holes Ever Close?

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Piercings – they do a body good…for the most part!

Not everyone’s body will have the same reaction to a piercing. Some people may even experience a different reaction for each piercing they get.

Be Prepared and Ask Questions!

Given the finicky nature of piercings, it is important to be prepared before getting pierced. Go to your appointment with a list questions concerning anything you may be unsure about ...

Photos from The Everything to Do With Sex Show

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We had a great turnout for our third showcase at The Everything to Do With Sex Show last weekend! Tattooing was done by Tara and piercings by Steven and Ion. Check out all the photos below:

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