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Friday's Ink Disaster: What Gang Members in New Zealand Tattoo on their Face

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"A gang member wanted after a string of alleged domestic assaults on his estranged partner in the Waikato has been arrested in the Whanganui area."

They don't really talk much about the ridiculous tattoo on this guy's face, but it's got nothing but fail all over it. And I can't even see what it is. Maybe a pit bull?

What's with gang members getting questionable tattoos on their um ...

Friday's Ink Disaster: It's Swaaaaaaayze!

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* Note we did not do this!

While this controversially bad tattoo has been floating around the internet for some time, one of our avid blog readers Joanne G. sent us this beautiful disaster for today's ink disaster. Nothing makes you say WTF more than Patrick Swayze as a Centaur in a cut off shirt & tuxedo tie, surrounded by double rainbows.

Speaking of double rainbows, this video went viral a ...

Friday's Ink Disasters: Bad Sketches, Bad Ideas

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* Note we didn't do these!



We're assuming that the image on the right was supposed to be tattooed. Can't really tell though.


Lady in the Water promotional flyer? Or the Joker in drag?

Witnesses say the culprit was either a four pack of bacon or four thick permanent markers scribbled in one hand.