Why Winter is the best time of year to get a tattoo!


We all love when Spring and Summer arrive. It’s hot out, we can rock shorts, tank tops and bathing suits! Finally getting a chance to show off a little bit more skin after being wrapped up all winter.

We also love getting tattoos in the Spring and Summer. Ask any tattoo studio owner and they’ll tell you these are their busiest months. And I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of being able to show off a fresh new tat? The only problem with this? Getting a tattoo during the Spring and Summer is THE WORST time to get a tattoo. Let me explain...

In warmer weather, your skin is exposed to the elements far more frequently than during the winter. Exposure to sun, sweat, sand, sunscreen, tanning oils, swimming in oceans, lakes and chlorinated pools can all effect how your tattoo ages and heals. The best time to actually get a tattoo is the fall and winter. In other words... right now!

Any seasoned tattoo collector will tell you that they usually take the summer months off from getting tattooed. During the winter, your skin is regularily protected from the elements allowing maximum protection! This ensures that the tattoo ink settles properly in your skin and the body can put it’s natural healing processes to work.  More often than not, tattoos done during the fall and winter are protected from the sun (a tattoos worst enemy) which decreases possible damage and improves the quality of the tattoo long term. 

Don’t forget, even when a tattoo is fully healed it is SUPER important that you continue to protect and care for it. It takes 28 days for a new skin cell to be created and make its way to the surface. So every tattoo needs to be carefully nurtured and protected even once it looks like it’s all healed. Give it time and protect your tattoo using the proper aftercare products.

In short; be prepared for summer and get that tattoo you want during the winter months instead! You'll be fully healed and ready for the beach.