White Ink Tattoos

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In a field that is constantly looking for something new and unique, white ink tattoos are becoming increasingly popular.  Do you need a tattoo that is not easily noticed, a tattoo that is just for you, or do you just want to be different?  If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, you might want a white ink tattoo.

Exactly What Is A White Ink Tattoo?

White ink tattoos are exactly what you would expect. A tattoo applied using only white ink. These tattoos are less visible than traditional tattoos and depending on body and skin type can appear to be a brand or scarification once healed.


The application process of a white ink tattoo is slightly different than a black and grey, or color piece. White ink tattoos have no solid outline like other tattoos. Care must be taken by the tattoo artist to only apply white ink without bleeding in any of the outline ink placed on the skin. This will cause the bright white color to dull and become even less noticeable.

White ink tattoos require more ink than traditional black and grey or color tattoos. White must be applied stronger than color ink. This requires the tattoo artist to go over the same area three or more times. So a white tattoo may be more painful than a color tattoo due to the added passes required.


The ink used to place a white ink tattoo is not the same white a tattooist uses for changing the pigment of colors. The white used in white ink tattoos is thicker and of higher grade. This ink is specifically made to stand out and remain bright.

Placement Of  A White Ink Tattoo

Care must be taken in choosing the location of your white ink tattoo. White is very susceptible to sun damage. White appears to yellow once tanned, and the original bright white color will never return once tanned. This damage can be done in as little as one time tanning or a single sunburn.


Careful consideration must be taken when choosing the location of your white ink tattoo. Hands are not a good spot, as well as the top of your forearm since they are likely to be exposed to the sun regularly. You are best to place your white ink tattoo where it will never see sun. Good placement can be ; under your arm, chest, back, the underside of your wrists, legs (as long as you dont tan them), basically anywhere you can keep out of the sun.

Choose A Tattoo Artist Who Has Pictures Of His White Ink Tattoos


White ink tattoos are not a project for the novice tattooist. Choose your tattoo studio and artist carefully. If you see his books and like what you see, go for it! But if his white ink tattoo examples don’t look the way you want your tattoo to look, don’t expect him to just start doing things right with your piece.

While we do of course have white pigments, we really don’t recommend using them solely for a tattoo. White is unlike other tattoo inks, as it is very susceptible to both “falling out” (dissipating from the skin tissue during the healing process) and is extremely reactive to sunlight—it tends to yellow and grey in patches over time. Furthermore, it’s very difficult to get the necessary crispness and clarity of line you’re looking for (making up a design with tiny lettering) using white, both from the inconsistency of the pigment just mentioned and the lack of contrast which results in blurry or fuzzy edged work.

For these reasons if you’re looking to get a tattoo but don’t want the bold look of black, we generally recommend selecting a tan or brown coloured ink close to your skin colour, or using a dilute wash of black for a lighter tone.

With that said however, if you would like to use white we can absolutely do your tattoo for you, the only stipulation being touch-ups for white are not covered under the cost of the tattoo and you may be charged if you do require a touch-up.

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