Wednesday's Tattoo Mailbag


Pop Crunch - 13 Incredibly WTF Body Modifications

Again and again, human beings have shown off their willingness to pierce, poke and alter every facet of their bodies. Currently, tattoos and certain piercings are seen as utterly socially acceptable, and no-one blinks twice if your barista has 8 earrings and full sleeve tattoos. But some people take it to the next level, with bodymods that stretch belief and might fire up your gag reflex. Read more

Mashable - Augmented Reality Tattoo Makes Your Skin Come Alive [VIDEO]

We’ve seen some interesting augmented reality experiments emerging, from shoes as game controllers to music videos to recursive iPhones. But how about AR as a form of body art? A company called ThinkAnApp has made that possible with an augmented reality tattoo. Read more

Oh My News - Programmable Tattoos

In his futuristic treatise, a display would be implanted just below the surface of the epidermis so that its light was visible through the translucent skin on the back of one's hand or forearm. Read more