Top 3 Piercings to Get Before Summer

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Septum piercing with multicolored opal ring by Kaleb.
Done at Black Line Studio

At last! Summer is here! All this sunshine has probably got you thinking about your next piercing—and if you weren’t before, you probably are now. This year, there are a few trends we’ve noticed popping up in the body mod department. Step up your fashion game this summer and get one (or all three, we’re not judging) of these piercings.


The septum, a piercing that runs through the small bit of cartilage the separates the nostrils, is the reigning monarch of piercings at the moment. It’s time in the spotlight won’t be over anytime soon as we expect an influx of demand for these piercings at the shop over the summer season. According to some beauty experts, the mainstream popularity of the septum piercings is likely due to the way it brings out the eyes and lips.


Conch with opal bead by Kaleb.
Done at Black Line Studio

Inner Conch

The conch has enjoyed on and off popularity for the last few years. Warm summer days always seems to bring this one back to the top of the list, especially for festival goers. Conch piercings are done in the inner part of the major ear cartilage. There’s no limit to how you can accessorize a conch piercing—studs, bars and rings are all good options—however, this year’s go-to seems to be the jeweled stud.



If getting your septum pierced just isn’t quite daring enough, the smiley piercing might be just what you are looking for. You know that little bit of skin that hangs out between your lip and your front teeth? Well, you can actually get that pierced. Dubbed the “smiley”, this piercing offers a look that’s in the same ballpark as the septum, and it’s just kicking off. We have this one locked as the next big piercing. Fun fact! This piercing also heals really quickly, so you don’t have to worry about drastically restricting your diet for weeks.

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