Through the Kaleidoscope


*All Images and tattoos depicted here are by Inshaan Ali

Geometric tattoos are one of the trendiest, if not the trendiest, style of 2016. Despite fitting today’s modern aesthetic, these sleek designs have a rich history dating back thousands of years. Geometric tattoos have a timeless quality and have managed to maintain their core elements throughout their evolution.

That’s right, geometric tattoos date all the way back to the Polynesian Islands around 1100 B.C. Tribal communities were known to tattoo geometric designs on their bodies – designs startlingly similar to the geometric tattoos of today.


In the last few years, we have seen this style of tattooing expand and change dramatically. Geometric tattoos now encompass minimalist styles as much as they do tribal and sacred patterns. If you have taken a peak at our Instagram account, you have probably seen some of Inshaan Ali’s stunning pieces.

For Inshaan, geometrics represent a duality of simple and highly detailed design. As clean and direct as they might seem when they are complete, the style and nature of these tattoos are achieved using intricate patterns that demand accuracy: “Minimalist geometric tattoos are really great for stretching the creative muscles.”


There is something elegant about a geometric design; they are fascinating, dynamic, and eye-catching. Some are mesmerising like the inside of a kaleidoscope while others are clinical and neat like a diagram found in an encyclopaedia. Minimalist geometric designs occupy an interstitial space; they are both current and classic, making them a frontrunner in popular tattoo design.

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