The Art of Cover Ups—Turning Old Taste Into New Inspiration


Art by Lorena

For some tattoos, the love never fades. Every morning you catch a glimpse of it in the mirror and it’s just as beautiful and exciting as the day you got it. But sometimes, this isn’t the case. People change, and as they do, what we like to call “tattoo regret” can take over. Tattoo regret can happen over all kinds of tattoos. Maybe it’s the name of an ex or even just a poorly done tattoo, either way, this problem does have an awesome fix. Cover-ups!

Cover-ups are a fantastically creative way to breathe new life into old tattoos. Some people opt to simply remold an old design into a more updated/better version of the piece, while others prefer to completely block out any evidence of the old tattoo. If the regret is strong, people usually go with the second option. Of the two, it can also be the more challenging, which is why it’s advisable to go to an artist that you know has significant skill in this area.

The key to a good cover-up starts with the decision to transform old ink into new ink and of course, an experienced tattoo artist who can restore beauty. There are various techniques that tattoo artists use to cover-up old tattoos with new ones: blending, shading, amalgamation, “whiting out”, etc. An old tattoo is a canvass for a new and improved piece.

At the end of the day, a cover up is the perfect way to turn a bad decision into a brand new work of art. It also makes a pretty good excuse to get a new tattoo—not that you really needed one.

Alternatively, you can also explore tattoo removal options. Much like getting a new tattoo, getting an old one removed will require a few trips to the shop depending on the size of the tattoo. Black Line Studio also offers these services.

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