Tattoos Every Summer-Lover Needs

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The sun is out, temperatures are rising, and the bikinis are appearing in force—it’s Summer! Summer means shorts, tank tops, and tattoos!

Summer is a great time to display your collection of ink loud and proud for all to see. The lighter, shorter clothes and time spent in bathing suits allows you to use tattoos as an accessory, bringing attention to certain body attributes or key designs that you’re proud of.

In addition to being a great time period to show off your body art, many people flock to tattoo shops to get new ink while on break from school or work.

When it comes to new Summer ink, what should you get? If you’re interested in inking a summer-themed design this season, check out our list of Summer favorites below!

When it comes to Summer lovers, little evokes such emotion as a palm tree. A palm tree is the ultimate symbol of Summer—it brings to mind tropical islands, beaches, and waves. Usually done with a minimalistic style, palm trees tend to fit the body nicely in areas such as the ankle, the forearm, and down the side.

Waves are another Summer must-have tattoo. Again, when done in a minimalistic style, these dainty designs can tuck just about anywhere—the ankle, the wrist, just below the bra line. Larger scale waves can be utilized to wrap around a forearm as a complete sleeve or be used as transition pieces into other summer-themed ink.

Mandalas are all the rage this Summer! This ancient design has been attracting beach-goers to the tattoo parlors as they ink their bodies with various sizes, shapes, and patterns from this genre of tattooing. The fluid and lightweight designs are the perfect summer accessory and can be placed just about anywhere on the body. For those who are looking to accentuate their beach-body look, a mandala makes a great piece for just above the bikini bottom line or around the belly button.

Anchors have been making a comeback in recent months, but their popularity is increasing the closer to beach season we get. Feminine versions have been the most common, appearing with hearts, infinity symbols, and floral motifs; however, larger, more detailed versions of this symbol have been depicted in a more masculine appearance, as well.

Other summer favorites include birds, suns, shells, and compasses.