Tattooing Myths Part 2


Are there do's and don't's for when men or women get a tattoo?

We'll take down two myths down with this one.


    • For women, it isn't a masculine thing to get tattooed on their shoulder. Depending on its placement and the design, it can look very feminine.


    • Flower tattoos are not always for women. Men can get them as well, depending how it is presented. Old school, realistic, traditional, or Japanese style tattoos use flowers and look great on both genders.


Do coloured tattoos fade faster than black & white?

Not true, however it depends on the quality of the ink and the amount of experience an artist has in putting colour on the skin. Check for example artist colourwork before getting one done.

What's the deal with tribal tattoos anyway?

It's not as easy as you may think. Tribal tattoos require a lot of consistent ink filling in a certain shade of black, and the healing process is more difficult to maintain. Don't hate on the tribals!

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