Tattooing Myths Part 1


Tattoos are for the lower class?

Not true. It's actually the complete opposite, and it's been like this for centuries.

Tracing tattoo history back to its origins, tattooing had represented the highest ranked in their tribes. In medieval times, tattoo artists were called on to tattoo high members of the monarchy, including both kings and its great warriors.

Today, tattooing does not have as strong an emphasis on social status. However it is much more accepted for all lifestyles - which explains its wide variety of tattoo bearers from gangs, doctors, and politicians.

Does it hurt?

It's not painful, but it may feel a little uncomfortable depending on where it is done. If you plan on having one done on your rib cage, wrist, or anywhere that is close to a bone, it may be a little more uncomfortable. Also, areas of the skin that do not have direct continuous contact with the sun (such as thighs or the inside of your arm), the skin is thinner and again may feel more sensitive.

Is a lowerback tattoo a tramp stamp?

Couldn't be any more wrong. In the 80's and 90's the female lower back tattoo was extremely popular, but like most trends, it gets a label. There's no correlation - get your mind out of the gutter people!