Tattoo Trends for 2016

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2016 is well under way, which makes now the perfect time to predict this upcoming year’s trending designs and art styles.

Watch out for these #trending tattoos of 2016.

The Minimalist

Art by: Wil Bridgeforth

The great thing about minimalist tattoos is that they appeal to tattoo novices. The clean lines and simplistic designs make them an excellent choice for tattoo rookies that are just starting to test the waters.


Singleline Artwork – as created and popularized by Mo Gangii

Art by: Mo Gangji

In the spirit of keeping things minimalistic, many people are jumping on the singleline bandwagon. This art style was developed by tattoo artist, Mo Gangji. From his base in Berlin, Gangji created and popularized the art form known as “singleline.” As the name suggests, the entire tattoo is created with a single continuous line of black ink. This simplistic style, strips away the complexity of layering and offers up a cleaner interpretation of body art.



Art by: Lorena Lorenzo

The popularity around feathers and designs that incorporate feathers has been steadily growing over the last two years. In 2016 we believe feathers will become one of the most requested designs out there.


Quotes and Word Art

Art by: Inshaan Ali

Like feathers, quotes have been heating up over the last few years. Appealing to book nerds and movie junkies alike, getting a beloved quote tattooed on one’s body can be a beautiful tribute to life-changing moments or reminders of affirmations. Going one step furtherer, some artists have taken to blending quotes with complimentary artwork. Expect this trend to continue well into 2016.



Art by: Tito Santizo

A brand new take on a classic, constellation tattoos give people who love the night sky a new way to display it. Star tattoos are a classic design that have been around for decades. They usually feature a five-pronged stars outlined in black, drawn as three stars in a staggered grouping. The new version of this design usually features the main points of a constellation marked by large dots or five-pronged stars with dotted lines connecting them to make the constellation clearly visible.



Art by: Inshaan Ali

Geometric tattoos are a great way to bring complexity to a simple concept. This art style gives the tattoo artist lots of leeway to funnel their creativity into these pieces and create designs that are truly one of a kind. A relatively new trend, watch out for this one in 2016, as it’s just about to ramp up.