Tattoo Mailbag: Top 8 Television Tattoos!

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Number 6: Will Smith as The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Everyone loves the Fresh Prince. Chilling out, maxing, relaxing – all cool. All of that stuff. It was a decent show with a funky theme tune. Fair dos. You have total licence to remember it fondly and bask in nostalgia. But the second you get a tattoo of it on your body, you’re essentially signaling your own lunacy. Or, more likely, idiocy. There’s a subtle difference there.

Number 2: ALL of the Golden Girls

Bea Arthur? Check. Betty White? Check. Rue McClanahan? Check. What about Estelle Getty? Check.

They’re all there in all their wrinkly glory! This is when TV tattoos get good. Chachi was just about acceptable, but this Golden Girls tat takes us all by surprise by being one of the most beautiful self-mutilations we’ve EVER SEEN! Glory be – tis a thing of great beauty. And power. STAY GOLD.