Tattoo Mailbag: The cool sound of tattoos


"One of the delights of summer in our northern clime is the uncovering of our bodies, to the extent that would make a Taliban blush.

Long-sleeved shirts and heavy coats are ripped from limbs to display, among the exuberant flesh, the year's crop of fresh tattoos.

No doubt many of these tattoos have been around for a while. But each summer, as I patrol the city streets, I am surprised anew at the latest palette of inky designs paraded along all the fashionable places, broiling in the summer's heat.

No longer are tattoos the emblems of a caste of prisoners, gangs, soldiers or sailors. No longer, either, are they just for the rugged or the marginalized.

Like male ear-studs, tattoos today have leaped across the gender divide and achieved the demure state of being simply decorative.

In other words, intricate Russian mafia designs aside, tattoos are now just plain normal."

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