Tattoo Mailbag: N.B. tattoo industry needs regulation: piercer


Something needs to be done in the Maritimes to fix this. Can't sweep this kind of thing under a rug.

"Customers could be more confident about the safety of New Brunswick tattoo parlours if the industry were regulated, according to a Fredericton piercer.

"There are no standards right now in tattoo shops," says Jeremy Daly.

"Tattooing and piercing is getting a lot more popular these days, and it would put the public at ease knowing that extra knowledge that tattoo shops are safe."

Tattoo artists and piercers are around needles and blood every day, and many aren't trained.

Calls for the regulation of tattoo parlours in Nova Scotia have given New Brunswick tattoo artists and piercers hope for regulations in their province.

In New Brunswick, anyone can do tattooing or piercings, and they can be done anywhere."

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