Special Offer on Customized Artwork Tattoos from Darwin



Darwin from Black Line Studio has a new style of tattoo that he's willing share to his current and new clients - his own custom artwork as tattoos.

If you've been a regular reader of this blog, you may have seen his artwork before. It's artistic and can contain a lot of deep meaning. And it'll be made especially for you.

This style of tattoo works great with cover ups (as seen above), based on the exaggerated nature of the design. He's able to incorporate any interests you may have into them so your creation is specific only to you. The tattoo above is based off the bearer's interests: soccer, guitars, and writing.

And while this may sound like it takes a long time to prepare and create, within an hour he can have a design ready for you.

As an introductory offer, Darwin will be able to do these tattoos for you at a price much lower than the standard rate. Please contact the studio if you're interested in making an appointment with Darwin about these new customized artwork tattoos @ (416) 850-8226.

This special offer is valid for booking until the end of May, however you can schedule your appointment anytime.