Scoot Mason is back at BLS!

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Scoot has returned to Black Line Studio, and better than ever- After completing a course with Tattoo Portrait Artist: Bob Tyrrell.

Scot Mason AKA SCOOT!

D.O.B March 11, 1985

Black Line Studio

Portraits, Realism, Black and Grey

Scot Mason AKA Scoot as most people know him is the newest artist to join the team at Black Line Studio, A Toronto based Tattoo Studio that not only features an impressive roster of artists but prides itself at being fully immersed in the tattoo culture. From tattoos, piercing, tattoo removal, rare clothing lines to one of a kind jewelry, Black Line Studio has something for everyone.

Scot has been tattooing now for 4 years. This however is not where Scoots’ artistic side began. Since as a young boy, Scoot would spend hours drawing with his father, a self-taught artist who worked mostly in charcoal. Through high school Scoot tried his hand at a number of different mediums looking for his niche. Although one in particular didn’t stand out, he quickly grasped and excelled at whatever project he attempted, developing a passion for all different aspects of Art.

It was soon after high school, while working at a car dealership, that Scoot saw a paint gun in the body shop that caught his attention. This quickly led to airbrushing. He airbrushed for a couple of years doing custom work on cars, boats, bikes, people, clothes, pretty much anything that paint would dry on. Winning “Best Paint” at Toronto’s biggest car show Performance World at age of 16 out of 1300 cars. One afternoon while painting in his garage a friend who was watching suggested Scoot tattoo. That was a question Scoot had been waiting to hear since the age of 17, the age he himself got his first tattoo. Scoot had always been a huge fan of tattoos but was never quite sure how to get involved. Less than an hour later his friend was back with his machine. Now with a tattoo machine in hand the only question was what, or who, to tattoo? Scoots best friend Nate bravely stepped in and offered his leg ,which he wanted a cover up done. Since that first tattoo Scoot realized something,……. he’d found his niche.

With only one shop in town Scoot headed in for some advice. When he began asking questions, no one seemed eager to help or lend advice. Perhaps this was because of the name Scoot had built in such a short time airbrushing in such a small town. While no one would help, he was far from short on friends who were more than willing to let Scoot Tattoo them regardless of his experience or the fact that he was tattooing out of his basement. With the help of social networking such as Facebook, more and more people were willing and wanting to get inked. With only the help of magazines and the internet, Scoot tatted away tirelessly wanting only one thing, to get better.

This continued on for a couple years and what Scoot lacked in technique, he made up for with natural talent. He enjoyed tattooing realistic pieces in black and grey. But what really captivated the young artist was portraits, Scoot was amazed how realistic some artists could translate a picture of a person onto someone’s skin. While on a trip to the West coast, Scoot noticed an ad in the paper advertising a tattoo convention in town.

It was at that convention that a huge door would open. While walking around, Scoot noticed an artist doing a portrait. He looked at his work then at the artist. Shocked and stunned, he realized it was none other than Bob Tyrell, famous tattoo artist and Scoots personal favorite. To make things even better, Bob was teaching a small course the next day on portraits. Ecstatically, Scoot signed up. Being self-taught, Scoot knew little of the technical side of portraits and was amazed at how much he learned off Mr. Tyrell. After the course, a fire was lit inside and the quality of Scoots work, especially portraits were increasing each time.  Scoot knew right away that he needed to get back to Toronto and get into shop.

After checking out several shops in Toronto, one stuck out. He sat down with Ion, owner of Black Line Studio. The two had met before and Ion saw potential in Scoots work. Scoot himself, was impressed with the shop and the team of artists that worked there. Ion gave him a shot. Learning technically and being motivated by the group of artists is what Scoot enjoys the most about the shop. Currently Scoot is becoming busier by the day but one thing stays the same, his passion and desire to get better with each Tattoo. He always strives to give his clients a piece that exceeds their expectations. With portraits being his favorite, he also enjoys black and grey work, realistic pieces and is always up for experimenting outside his comfort zone. Although Scoot has been fortunate to tattoo all over Canada and as far as Europe, and the States Black Line Studio is now home for this up and coming young artist. Scoot is available by appointment by contacting the shop.

If you are interested in getting some work done by Scoot- Please call the studio at 416.850.8227 or come by 577 King Street West.[gallery link="file" order="DESC" columns="2" orderby="rand"]