Piercings - Will My Holes Ever Close?

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Piercings – they do a body good…for the most part!

Not everyone’s body will have the same reaction to a piercing. Some people may even experience a different reaction for each piercing they get.

Be Prepared and Ask Questions!

Given the finicky nature of piercings, it is important to be prepared before getting pierced. Go to your appointment with a list questions concerning anything you may be unsure about.

A professional, well-trained piercer, like Black Line Studio’s head piercer Kaleb, will able to answer any questions you have or be able to get the answers for you. They will also walk you through the aftercare and recommend any products you need to use as part of the aftercare process to make sure the chances of scarring and infection are minimized.

Avoid Closing Piercings That Are Infected

According to the Association of Professional Piercers, attempting to close a piercing that is severely infected could actually do more harm than good. Closing an infected hole could cause an abscess (a pus filled pocket under the skin tissue) that can only be fixed with a trip to the doctor’s office. Most professionals recommend waiting until the infection has passed to attempt closing the hole.

Keep it Clean, But Don’t Over Do It

It’s important to keep your piercing clean as it heals, but it’s also important not to go overboard. Using too many cleaning products or cleaning it too many times a day may causing your skin to become super irritated and encourage scarring and uneven healing.

There No Time Limit on Closing Piercings

If you have your heart set on closing a piercing, be prepared for the fact that it may take some time. For some people it takes a few hours to close a piercing regardless of how long they’ve had it. For others, it takes years to fully close a piercing. In general, microdermal piercings and ear piercings will be easier to close than more invasive piercings like belly button, lip, nose, and eyebrow piercings.

To reduce scarring as your piercings close, apply regular treatments of Vitamin E oil. It will minimize the appearance of scarring and help make sure your skin heals as smoothly as possible.

Should you have any questions about the piercing process, do not hesitate to contact us directly (416) 850-8227.