Peter's "Unseen Heart" + Testimonial



An email from the client, in regards to his tattoo which we've called the "Unseen Heart".

Hi Courtnay:

Thank you (and thanks to Peter) for sending the initial drawing, it's great to be able to begin this conversation ahead of my trip home. I work as a Production Manager in Theatre and am used to having in-depth conversations with designers, so - as this email may become lengthy - it's only because that's how I'm used to working!

I've attached a number of additional reference images that should assist in the development of this piece; I'll also give a little personal background for 'patient history'. I'm formally trained as a Physiologist (got my degree at UofT, actually), which explains my interest in old Anatomical Drawings, but left to join the 'Circus' because it proved to be a more entertaining day job. Each of my family members have had a Ladybug put on them as a reminder of our/my sister who passed away some years ago - so that little detail is pretty important to me.


Again, my thanks to both you and Peter for taking the time to work 'long-distance' with me in advance of my appointment. I look forward to seeing how this piece evolves and chatting again over the next draft. Please let me know if any additional imagery, information, or even just a phone call would help in any way.

- Andrew M.

By Peter Belej.