New Piercer at BLS

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Attila Asztalos, or Aszti, as most of the peoples know me. I was born in Hungary in 1975, June 1st.
I always had passion for Music and Body art, but my first love was music: I was the front people and Guitar player of a Rock Band called PscychoganG, than in 1998 I cheated on it with my other obsession: Body Art. Some people become piercing artists because they are intrigued by the body piercing culture, for me it's the love of the human body, it's my empty canvas and I'm always looking for new challenges. I'm a self taught piercing artist and I worked in many different tattoo studios from Israel- where I received my apprenticeship-, to Eger Hungary where I opened up my own successful studio called PsychoganG Tattoo. My constant drive for the fullness of life, makes me a dynamic artist, with emotional flair, and continual change.

if you are interested in having a piercing done, please call the studio at 4168508227 or come by 577 King Street West.