New Guest Tattoo Artist: Jakob Shivengri



Jakob Shivengri is our new guest tattoo artist for the next few days. She'll be sharing her talent of tattooing at Black Line Studio - something she carries with her on the road as she travels from shop to shop. Originally from Ontario, Jakob has a home shop in BC with 8 years of tattoo experience. She is well versed in many different styles but has a preference for cover ups and potraits.

You can book an appointment from now up until Saturday night by contacting the shop.

Jakob Shivengri is a multi-media artist utilizing varied techniques including acrylic, sculpture, wearable art in fabric, ink, metal and found object, collage, photography, installation art and dance performance.

Travelling extensively throughout North America Jakob has been featured both on television and in print, and now focuses interests primarily in the tattoo field, dedicated to producing fine quality skin art at studios throughout Canada and promoting safety as an assistant instructor for Health Educators Inc.
You can see more of Jakob's work on her website.