Martynas Šniok - Quick Stint on the Black Line Studio Team


Contemporary Tattooing takes on an entirely different shape when in the hands of Martynas Šnioka. The Lithuanian native has been slinging ink out of the Vilnius shop, Angis Tattoo, but his style is recognized across the industry—leading to many guest artist spots across the world.

Šnioka’s style is distinct. He combines the most popular genres of tattoos in today’s society into a unique blend that is all his own. You’re guaranteed to have a piece unlike any other when you book with Šnioka—a mix of abstract, graphic, and watercolor in one bright, vivid, exquisite design.

More than just a tattoo artist, Šnioka has deep roots in street art, which shows in his bold styles and bright color usage. While color seems to be his forte, his black and gray work is not without intensity—demonstrating clean lines, fluid transitions, and impressive shading. Each and every piece turned out by Šnioka is an impressive work of art. His ability to blend natural elements with sharp, geometric designs and patterns makes for a stark contrast that will catch anyone’s eye and garner plenty of attention.

As Šnioka’s work has gained international attention, his concepts have appeared on a limited edition clothing line produced by Inkstinct and his work can be seen across tattoo forums and blogs across the internet.

During the month of April, it won’t take a trip to Europe to get work done by the impressive Martynas Šnioka. He will be occupying a spot as a guest artist from April 7th-28th, 2017 at Toronto’s number one rated tattoo, removal, and piercing studio: Black Line Studio. Book your appointment now as Šnioka’s calendar won’t stay open long!