Ink Hunter App: Test Run Tattoos In Real Time

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could test run a tattoo? Before you actually committed to a design or its placement on your body, what if you could experiment and adjust the finer details to get exactly what you want?

No tattoo regret, no wasted money.

Up until now, short of drawing on yourself, there wasn’t really a way to do this effectively; but a little team of innovative tech-geeks from the Ukraine recently set out to change that.

InkHunter is an Apple application that allows users to visualize how a tattoo design would look on their bodies.


This is how the app works:


    1. Users choose a design from the existing InkHunter library (or upload their own sketch to the app);


    1. The user then holds their phone’s camera over where they would like to get their tattoo;


    1. By way of augmented realty, they will see the design appear over their skin on the screen, much like taking a picture;


    1. The app will then take a picture with the design superimposed on the user’s skin;


    1. Users can then edit the photo and apply whatever filters they want and then share the photo with family and friends for feedback, should they wish to.


The app has already been downloaded more than 1 million times since its release, and it’s easy to see why; the picture quality is fantastic and the versatility of being able to upload your own designs and sketches is a huge bonus. The app also has several designs preinstalled that you can try out as well.

In the near future the app’s designers say that they will be adding a version of InkHunter for Android and Windows Phone users.

Black Line Studio is well aware that people prefer to test run a tattoo before committing to permanence. As such, airbrush and stencil applications done by our tattoo artists/professionals are available options at our studio. We encourage our customers to try on their designs and ideas to be able to fully conceptualize the final product.

Have fun with the app, then come in and bring your tattoo to life!