How to pick a tattoo artist


So you want to get a tattoo but you're not too sure where to start. Getting your first tattoo can feel like a daunting task if you don't know where to begin. Even if you already have tattoos, sometimes your go-to artist isn't available any longer and you may be in the same boat. To help out we've put together a quick guide to help you through this process to ensure you're paired with the right artist for your next tattoo..


You should definitely ask people you know who have tattoos that you like where they got theirs done, and ask how their experience was. People are usually happy to refer their artist and can help you understand the artist's style.

If you can, and if the opportunity arises, go along when others get tattooed. This way you can talk to some artists and watch them work. Don't be afraid to ask questions: Tattoo shops are typically open, friendly places where everyone feels at ease.


If you don’t know anybody who has tattoos the websites of the tattoo studios in your area are usually the best sources of information. Most, if not all, will have artist bios, and pictures of the work they have done, go through them to see if their style is what you're looking for.

Instagram and Facebook are also great resrouces for searching and comparing artists. Most shops have a page and many artists have their own pages, as well. Like and follow them, and don't be afraid to drop them a DM, they're always excited to talk to new clients.


Each tattoo studio has a vibe of its own. The shop location, and the type of customer they attract, the artists, they all create a unique atmosphere. Go walk in and visit a few, get a feel for how their staff handle clients, answer questions, see how you feel in the space. A huge part of getting a tattoo is feeling comfortable and safe. Visiting the studios themselves is a great way to see if it's the right fit.


Once you've taken the time to narrow down your choices, you can bring your idea in to each of them individually for a short consult to get their feedback and ideas. But before you talk to them, think about the most important factor in your decision. Are you looking for somebody who is confident that they can pull off that style or that level of detail? Or do you really want somebody who seems enthusiastic about your idea? Maybe you're really looking for somebody who can enhance or develop your idea? Do you want a custom piece? Or do you just want the person that can get you in the soonest? Defining what is most important to you will help you make your choice.

When all else fails, ask as many questions as you like. It's your tattoo and it's your body, in the end, you have to feel comfortable and confident in your decision. 

Our team at Black Line Studios can help you with all of the above, so don't be afraid to call and we can coach you through the whole process to make it as effortless as possible.