Hottest Jewelry Trends of 2022


As we start to return to normal after a few years of lockdown, masks, and working from home, jewelry continues to be a sparkle that everyone can get behind. We have seen some genuinely unique trends emerge over the past few years, and whether it is through Instagram, celebrities, or wanting to reconnect with our past, jewelry can certainly make a statement.

Let us start with a look back at 2021 and some of the top trending jewelry in the past year.

2021: A Recap

2021 was an exciting year in the jewelry business. We saw a bit of return to the office and the bars, which meant people were looking to make a splash. Whether through a fantastic statement piece or something trendy, we saw some great jewelry trends in 2021.

Mismatched earrings

Mismatched earrings Whether it was on the runway or the sidewalk, we saw an interesting, mismatched earrings trend. Whether you were rocking a stud, a pendant or something else, mismatched earrings allowed you to show off, even on your most casual days.

Pearls baroque

Pearls baroque Pearls have long been a classy option for those looking to class up a date night or head to the office. However, 2021 was the year of the baroque pearl. With their irregular shapes and stunning pieces, baroque pearls were a great look for those looking to make a statement.

Colourful beads

The return of colourful beads was an interesting trend in 2021. From necklaces to earrings, we saw colourful beads become the norm across both boutique stores and some of the larger chains.


Whether we were looking to play with some looks from the ‘60s or raiding our mother's jewelry box for some gems, vintage was indeed back in 2021. We saw some fantastic vintage looks, from chunky necklaces to statement pieces from the ‘80s.


Charms made a bit of a comeback in 2021. Charms were all the rage, from statement pieces to add a little more depth to a simple bracelet or necklace.

Hottest Trends of 2022

Earring Stacks

Earring Stacks

One of the trends we are foreseeing for 2022 is the return of the earring stack. This trend is perfect for those looking to take advantage of the mixed metal jewelry trend from years past. From the Black Line Studio, we love the gold 6.5mm 2mm Diamond Princess Ring paired with 6.5mm Plain Ring.

Layering Necklaces

Layering Necklaces

Much like the earring stack, layering necklaces are a huge trend in 2022. We have so many to choose from, but some of our favourites are the Jumbo Link Necklace paired with the Diamond Evil Eye Choker, go-to for many of our staff and customers!

Yellow gold is back!

Yellow gold is back One of the things that we noticed in terms of celebrity jewelry trends is the return of yellow gold. We love this style, and have always loved the classic and vintage look that comes with yellow gold. Here at Black Line Studio, we have many options in terms of yellow gold. One of our favourites is the pineapple threadless pin to add a little bit of fun and spunk to your outfit. Plus, it can be a conversation starter by asking if the other person thinks pineapple belongs on pizza.

Multiple Rings

Why only wear a single ring when you can wear multiple rings? By all accounts, 2022 will be the year of the multiple ring look. We have so many rings, from simple and classic to more exotic, our ring options are constantly changing. So, it is tough for us to pick a few. Some of the rings that we think are part of some potential autumn jewelry trends include the pink millefiori ring, a signet and the Marc Ferris dots ring.

Statement pieces

2022 will continue the comeback of the statement piece. We have a few great statement pieces at Black Line Studio, but our favourites include the Murano glass bracelet and our black anchor necklace.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the top jewelry trends for 2022?

The top jewelry trends for 2022 look to be statement pieces, yellow gold, multiple rings, layered necklaces, and earring stacks.

  • Is gold or silver more popular in 2022?

Since yellow gold is making a comeback in 2022 as one of our emerging trends, gold might be the more popular precious metal in 2022.

  • What was the most popular jewelry in 2021?

2021 was the year of the statement piece, pearls, and vintage. We may see some of these trends continue into 2022!

Trends are hard to predict, but for the team at Black Line Studio, we think we may have hit the mark. 2022 will be significant, loud, with a bit of a touch of vintage. We cannot wait to see where these colourful and classic looks go. From blending new-age techniques to traditional jewelry that we know and love, 2022 will be an exciting year for the jewelry business.

If you are looking to stay on-trend or branch out on your own, it is about time that you head over to Black Line Studio in person or online. We have an ever-changing store and constantly bring in some great new pieces to enjoy. Black Line Studio has you covered for all of your jewelry needs, from classic yellow gold to gorgeous statement pieces that will ensure you have something to talk about.