Guest Artist this Week: Meen


In case you haven't been by the studio, we've had a new guest artist in this whole week, providing some great tattoo designs for client appointments and walk-ins.

Meen was born in South Korea and has been drawing since he "remembers himself". He has a big influence from Asian art, and feels that Asian style tattoos comes very natural to him. He also prefers doing different and unique tattoos, and in the last 6 years has been working as a tattoo artist in different places in the world.

Learning his skill from his tattoo master in Thailand, he's studied tattoos with him for over a year. He began working in shops in Thailand and Korea. After four years he moved to Sydney, Australia where he tattooed for a period of time. He enjoys traveling the world and just came back from India.

There is nothing that makes me more happy then to see someone excited from a tattoo i made.

Call us at the studio or drop by to have a tattoo done by him this week.

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