Guest Artist // RAY

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RAY will be at BLS from June 14th-June 30th-
If you would like to book time with RAY please call the studio at 416.850.8227 or email to set something up.

Welcome to my world.I was born in Wheaton, Md. and have always had an artistic flair. My mother always found me drawing one thing or another. At 17 years old, won 1st place at a Statewide Art Contest and subsequently won art scholarships. After trying several different professions, I decided to pursue what I love and utilize my god given talent through tattooing.    Ever since, I have been respected as a talented tattoo artist. I have traveled extensively throughout the world for my inspiration. I especially have a fondness for the Orient thus my inherent love and appreciation for Asian art. It gives me great pleasure and gratification to see my visions come alive through my tattoos. Even greater, is the look of appreciation and satisfaction on my client’s faces when my work is complete

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